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19 Nov ScandiMovie Night - O'Horten

The 19 November 2021 Scandi Movie Night was a great night for about 30 people to share the subtly funny, award-winning Norwegian film, O'Horten, which was about the unexpected misadventures of a 67-year-old railroad engineer who was retiring the next day. He stretches himself beyond his routine life and immerses himself in the uncharted waters of his new, retired life, which includes surviving riding with a blind-folded driver through town. O'Horten's Director, Bent Hamer, also, directed the funny and touching "Kitchen Stories'', which we viewed together in 2021.

It was SO fulfilling to enjoy connecting and catching up with each other while relishing homemade Danish waffles, cheese, meats, and other snacks. There were smiles everywhere. It was good to be together as our Scandi "family".

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