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Event Recap: ScandiClub Movie Night 6:30PM Fri 18 Feb 2022 on Zoom

8 Mar 2022 11:57 PM | Bette Madsen (Administrator)

Så ock på jorden (Heaven on Earth) -- Sweden 2015

On 18 February 2022 about 30 members enjoyed the Zoomed session of our Swedish film, Heaven on Earth, which is the sequel to last year’s crowd-pleaser, As It Is in Heaven. Heaven on Earth was warmly and well received and included a hearty discussion following the movie. We also welcomed an out-of-state and some in-state visitors to our movie night. (There are some definite plusses to having Zoomed events like movie nights in which we can share important joint experiences remotely so that non-local attendees can also participate.)

As a synopsis of the movie, the sequel follows a path similar to that in As It Is in Heaven, in that Lena and choir and orchestra gain confidence as the movie progresses, in spite of serious “nay-sayers” in the village and the church’s hierarchy. This small group of willing, but challenged musicians grows as a team and personally and muscially. They are neither professional musicians, nor do they even read music, but they have as their challenge to perform the Hallelujah Chorus of Handel’s Messiah for the 200th anniversary of their town’s church, with only a relatively short period of time to prepare. Lena needs to “live” the music and convince the choir and orchestra to do the same. Undaunted although aware that only a very few can read music, Lena tackles this technical deficit by creatively affirming that they ALL will learn the Hallelujah Chorus “note by note, from start to end”. She continues with her insight that drums “drive the music” and coaches them to envision this for themselves and to perform this with gusto and passion. With her leadership and several almost insurmountable challenges, the preparation for the 200th anniversary performance continues.

It truly is the people’s choir and orchestra, not made of professional musicians. There is such passion during their actual performance, resulting in Lena not needing to conduct, as they ALL were living and experiencing the Hallelujah Chorus of Handel’s Messiah. Their performance was from the heart and quite the magnificent success, in spite of and because of the accordions!! J  This movie is inspiring and touching!

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