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Executive Assistant for the Scandinavian Club of Columbus


The Scandinavian Club of Columbus is seeking an Executive Assistant. Our ideal candidate would be able to work independently, flexing hours from 1 to 6 per week as necessary to maintain our member database and website, social media presence, format a monthly newsletter, and respond to incoming communication. 

Our club bridges a divide between members who have very different communication preferences. The ideal candidate for this position would help us with technical tasks such as posting to our member platform (Wild Apricot), and using social media and other modern communication methods to continue to inform members via these channels as well as provide the details necessary for legacy member communications to our “Scandi Callers” - volunteers who contact members who prefer phone calls. Please, note that this work would be primarily remote from your choice of place, but also with a warm welcome to join virtual and in-person Club events. This is considered a perk- free admission. We are offering a rate of $15.00 per hour, with an average of 10 hours per month. This position is paid monthly. 

More detailed information about this position is available upon request. Send inquiries to


  • Assist the Scandinavian Club in creating and sending a monthly newsletter, posting and publicizing events, responding to member and potential member communications, and assisting the Club Board in various tasks. (See below for details.)

    • Format and send newsletters and news briefs via email and website to members and friends of the Scandinavian Club. 

    • Newsletters have historically included: 

      • upcoming event information such as dates, descriptions, associated costs, links to RSVP

      • event recaps including photos and description of events

      • interesting news from Scandinavian countries

      • member, Board, and Special Interest Group (SIG) - provided content

    • The work to create the newsletter is primarily a compilation of content from Board members and Club members.

  • Act as the timely face of the club for communications and information. Bridge the divide between members’ communication preferences. Use modern communication methods as well as provide the details necessary for legacy communications.

    • Managing content, events postings and other communications on our club website hosted by Wild Apricot.

    • Post events, club information and news to social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

    • Answer emails, social media messages or phone calls from members and potential members.

    • Support special interest groups in posting and publicizing events on club website and social media, and via newsletter/emails.

    • Provide information for the “Scandi Caller” group.

  • Manage event information, membership, member recruitment, and member involvement: Support our members and help us spread the word about our Club.

    • Provide a Member and Friends of the Club Directory annually including contact information to members of the Club yearly.

    • Update contact information when members request help.

    • Post online (website, social media) information about our major events: Höstfest, Julfest, Fastelavn, Midsummer, and a spring event.

    • Support the online posting of information about other Club and SIG events, Scandi Movie Night(s), trainings for website and Club management platform (Wild Apricot), etc.

    • Provide members with continuous contact via website and social media

    • Recruit / retain members via website, social media, and other community venues and organizations. 

    • Collaborate with Board members, Club and SIG leaders, participate in Board meetings, and distribute new information to our Board, membership and friends of the Club on a monthly basis. 

    • Work with Board and Club leaders to plan, schedule, and keep records. 

    • Provide meeting notes at monthly Board meetings, including monthly task list reminders with actions, upcoming tasks, and due dates.

  • More detailed information about this position is available upon request.

Desired Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes

  • Candidates must have a working knowledge of (or be able to learn) online club or membership management tools, basic website and Cloud documentation (Google Docs, WYSWYG editor for websites), and social media. 

  • Proficient with Google Drive: documents, sheets and slides.

  • Proficient with website HTML or WYSIWYG editors.

  • Proficient with social media platforms: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Can schedule or learn to schedule updates to these platforms.

  • Able to communicate regularly and effectively with a diverse membership. 

  • Organizational and planning aptitude to help the Board organize information, follow through on actions, and meet member needs/requests.

  • Experience with customer service or a strong desire to serve members and provide information and excellent member experience.

  • Experience in or desire to simplify the described work in order to free up time for value-added activities.

About the Scandinavian Club of Columbus

The Scandinavian Club of Columbus, established in 1936, is a community dedicated to promoting Scandinavian traditions through fellowship, educational, and entertaining activities. 

Our Club has members of all ages and specific Scandinavian interests, but they all have one thing in common - a desire to learn and share ongoing experiences of Nordic cultural and personal connections.

We welcome everyone who was either born in or has lived in any of the Nordic countries, has ancestral lines to Scandinavia, or has a special interest in one or more of the five Nordic countries (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland).

We host monthly events and try to provide programs to members of all ages. Our most popular and largest events are Julfest and Midsummer. In the past, we, also, have had breakfasts at IKEA, playdates at Legoland, Blue Jacket Hockey Nights, Scandinavian Movie Nights, Fastelavn, Swedish language, Scandi culinary, and genealogy/history SIG groups and much more!

Learn more about our Scandinavian Club at our website:

Scandinavian Club of Columbus is a 501(c)7 non-profit organization. Scandinavian Club of ColumbusP.O Box 14296, Columbus,OH 43214-0296

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