Scandinavian Club of Columbus

MISSION: Promoting Scandinavian traditions through fellowship, educational, and entertaining activities. 

Who we are

Our club has members of all ages and specific Scandinavian interests, but they all have one thing in common - a desire to learn and share ongoing experiences of Nordic cultural and personal connections.

These are our members
We welcome everyone who is either born or has lived in any of the Nordic countries, has ancestral lines to Scandinavia, or has a special interest in one or more of the five Nordic countries (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland).

Whether you enjoy Scandinavian music, art, language, crafts, politics, or way of life - we would love to have you as a member and sharing your perspectives with us!

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What we do
We host monthly events and try to provide programs to memebers of all ages. Our most popular events are Midsummer and JuleFest, those are also our biggest ones. In between we have breakfast at IKEA, playdate at Legoland, Hockey Night, Scandinavian Movie Night, Fastelavn and much more!

We are a group of young, not-so-young, or young-at-heart people who have special interest in Scandinavian/Nordic culture and traditions. Many of us are Americans with roots in one of the Nordic countries, while others of us are direct immigrants or temporary visitors to the area. Some have been members for 50+ years, while others are just getting to know the club.

Some of us have traditional interests that we like to cultivate and share, such as folk dancing, baking, or knitting. Others enjoy the more modern aspects of Scandinavia such as design & architecture, keeping up with or participating in winter sports, or the latest modern music. We cover a broad spectrum of interests and generations.

Our common interest is that we want to celebrate our background, heritage, and personal interest - and we host monthly events with authentic cooking and entertainment programs to further awareness, insight, and understanding of Scandinavian culture and cultivate relationships between fellow Scandinavians and friends interested in Scandinavia!

Scandinavian Club of Columbus is a 501(c)7 non-profit organization. Scandinavian Club of ColumbusP.O Box 14296, Columbus,OH 43214-0296

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